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Oh Honey is providing Antwerp with a real queer underground house event. Flying in queer talent from all over the world, and adding local upcoming DJs to the line up. This in new and interesting locations, or in Club Capital in collaboration with another queer event. Our line ups strive to be as inclusive as possible, and giving POC or people of the LGBTQIA+ scene a benefit on the  line ups.

Listen to our soundcloud to discover the sound, or click in the names underneath to check out all their mixes.

For the first time, Oh Honey will take place in the legendary AMPERE. The massive club underneath the train tracks, next to Antwerpen Central Station.

This time we fly in Stella Zekri and Nikola from Berlin.


11/05/2024 23:00 - 06:00
Location: Club Capital

OH HONEY - No Tea No Shade

Line up: To be announced

Tickets Online Soon

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