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Spilling Some Tea honey:

Check if your question is answered underneath, otherwise contact us via our socials or via our contact form.

Yasssss girl!

Is there a wardrobe?

Yes. For 2€ a piece, you can leave your stuff safe in a locker.

You need 1 piece of 2€ each time you open and close the locker

Is there food available?

Not during out Club Night edition (21/01/2023). Next edition we will provide food again during our daytime events.

Are drugs allowed?

No. Spill The Tea has a strict zero-toleration policy towards drugs.

Can I bring medication to the event?

If you need to take prescribed medication due to health problems, you need to be in possession of a valid medical certificate. Only with a valid medical certificate, you are allowed to take these medications with you.

What is the minimum age?

Because we are in a club this time, the minimum age is 18years.

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